Blanton Dorms

<p>So I am an honors student staying at blanton and i was wondering in regards of </p>

<p>1) convenience
2) social life
3) room quality
4) classroom distance for engineering major
5) overall rating</p>

<p>how would those who have resided in blanton comment on each aspect?</p>

<p>thanks and much appreciated</p>

<p>You will hate Blanton. The rooms have no sinks so you will have to do everything in the community baths.</p>

<li>Convenience - Blanton is pretty much smack in the middle of campus. You'll have no issues getting around.</li>
<li>Social Life - The dorm is really quiet and more reserved. The stark contrast of Jester.</li>
<li>Room Quality - The rooms are pretty neat. You get adjustable bed frames so you can dismantle your bed and make it into a "bunk bed" to get some extra room. The furniture is movable.</li>
<li>I'm not in engineering so I wouldn't know.</li>