bleaching hair- need help

<p>Daughter wants to dye her hair ends/tips black or red or blue...something other than her normal dirty blonde color.</p>

<p>I have bleached her hair with L'Oreal "purple stuff" and 40% solution and left it on for the recommended 50 minutes but it's now a yellowish blonde and not white.</p>

<p>We have dyed her hair in the past when it was at this stage and the color didn't stay in her hair long, so I'm assuming that we didn't strip her hair of the natural color.</p>

<p>Any ideas on what to do or use?</p>

<p>thanks again.</p>

<p>Be careful. My D2 tried to bleach her hair very light/almost white for a white on top dark under look a few years back and suffered terrible breakage.</p>

<p>^^ thanks for the advice… That’s why I’m only do the ends- if it ends up damaging her hair, she’ll just get a haircut to remove the damage. Right now her hair is shoulder length and I’m only doing about 2 inches, so if she has to have it cut, it will be at her nape.</p>

<p>You can reapply the bleach so it gets lighter, but if I understand hair dying right, that won’t make the color stay in longer. It’ll just make it look different, because it will be the color on the almost white hair canvas, instead of the orangish yellow. I had purple streaks in my hair for a while, and my hair was bleached to almost white, and it still faded to pink after about a month, and then just got paler and paler until I reapplied the dye.</p>

<p>This is the bleach I used (the 30):
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<p>My hair is dark brown, but it highlights easily in the sun, and I was surprised with how quickly the bleach worked. I think you can just use the same bleach you used again, just be careful. If her hair where you bleached it is starting to feel dry already, you probably don’t want to use anymore, and if you do use more, heavily condition her hair afterwards.</p>