Bloomsburg vs Kutztown

My daughtervlooked at Kutztown and said she really dudnt like campus or school. We had a very informal tour because itvwas just us. We later meteith xc country and she liked him but still says no.

I thought of taking her to Bloomsburg for a recruitment visit and campus tour but if she didnt like Kutztown will she problably not like Bloomsburg?

She is looking into business but not sure what. She doesn’t seem interested in other PA state schools. We are from NJ but she doest want to go to any NJ school
Feeling my pain yet…

Thsnks for an responses

You won’t know whether you’ll like a school until you visit. Each is unique. And even then you might think you know but you won’t know until after you attend.

I assume you have a budget ? If so, it should dictate where you would apply moreso than her desires.

If your looking at PA branch schools, if you didn’t know where they were on the map you could not tell they were different than any similar branch school in Ny, SUNY, or otherwise - ie all schools are different but if you took her to Ramapo or SUNY name you school but had blind folded her told her upon arrival you were at a PA school she wouldn’t know otherwise.

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At our (southcentral PA) high school, Bloomsburg is more popular than Kutztown. Both schools have AACSB-accredited business schools. Your daughter may very well like Bloomsburg better than Kutztown. i think it would be worthwhile to visit Bloomsburg. As you know, different schools have different vibes. Has your daughter considered West Chester?


I am familiar with both schools, and I think you will find a different vibe at Bloom than at KU. Due to location, they attract a different cohort of kids than KU.

I visited Bloom about 4 years ago for work, and enjoyed my visit there. As of 2021, the state of PA began merging 6 of the 14 state schools together due to falling enrollment and budget constraints. Bloom has been mergered as one with Lock Haven and Mansfield. California, Clarion and Edinboro in the western part of the state have also been merged together. All will maintain their campuses, but they will have to share resources.

Of these schools, Bloom is the largest. It may be that they do not notice or experience the lack of resources or reduction in quality that the smaller schools will endure from the merger. I have heard direct feedback from students at Lock Haven about reduced students services and even some classes moving online. This is disappointing, but not surprising, since this is a cost cutting move.

So, buyer beware of the merger, and how it may impact a student’s experience at any of these listed schools.

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Another PASSHE school to consider, if your daughter hasn’t already done so, is Shippensburg. It also has an AACSB-accredited business school, and is not part of any merger.

In addition to Shippensburg, Millersville is worth considering. It has a decent campus and just outside of Lancaster City, which is a great smaller city with lots of great restaurants and activities. Also has a new School of Business that will be opening in a few years.

Thx. No interest in Wrst Chester. I tried

Bloomsburg is different enough that it’s worth a visit.
Also take her to visit West Chester and SUNY New Paltz for a similar vibe but closer to cities.
Depending on your budget, run the NPC first then see if Susquehanna, Temple, or Drexel may be of interest.

Thanks. Susquehanna is on her list. No city schools

ok then not Drexel nor Temple.
What’s your EFC v. budget?
Can you give us an idea of her stats?

Shippensburg offers the in-state tuition rate to all students.

Are there any examples of schools she does like?

Have you looked at McDaniel College? It’s just 10 miles south of the PA border, in Maryland. There are multiple business-related majors, including business administration, marketing, international business, accounting, actuarial science, and an entrepreneurship minor. Admissions stats are in the same ballpark as Susquehanna.


We are also in NJ and my D23 is a lot like yours. She is not interested in NJ schools either, but I will have her apply to Rutgers and Rowan for their financial aid.

Has she visited Rowan? Rowan is really nice. Open House this Sunday!

My daughter’s favorites so far are UMaine and Susquehanna.

I also really like Elizabethtown. It’s similar to Susquehanna but it’s a little more convenient, being closer to Harrisburg, Hershey, and Lancaster, and having a train station in town. They also have lower tuition, a good freshman retention rate, and a four year graduation guarantee. It’s strong in the health care fields.

I’m a little biased. I have kids who graduated from Rowan and Elizabethtown.


Same here. I’d visit it. I also think many of the other suggestions on here are good, including Elizabethtown, McDaniel, etc.

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If you’re looking for additional schools to consider, have you thought about:

  • Grove City (PA )
  • Le Moyne (NY)
  • Lycoming (PA )
  • Mercyhurst (PA )
  • Robert Morris (PA )
  • Saint Francis (PA )
  • Salisbury (MD)
  • Siena (NY)
  • Widener (PA )
  • York (PA )
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