Blount Scholars Invitation

My D21 received an email invitation to apply to the Blount Scholars program. Does that go out to all accepted students or is it based on something Bama sees in her transcript?

Mine got a postcard invitation. Not sure what it means, LOL.

me either. She’s received two emails laying out the program and is trying to determine if she wants to apply

My daughter applied. The Blount Scholars program and its quirky application was the hook that made my daughter interested in Bama. She has a group interview via zoom in February.

My daughter received the invitation to Blount Scholars recently as well and is considering applying too. She just finished her Honors Application for Alabama.

Has anyone that interviewed in Feb heard of a decision? I thought, in the parent part of the interview, decisions would go out today. With the school closed today due to weather, not sure if that impacted decision day.

When did your child interview? My daughter just interview on Saturday. She thought she would hear by March 1.

My daughter was also expecting a decision today but did not hear anything. Perhaps due to the weather it will be delayed until tomorrow.

My DD interviewed Jan 23rd. It was the first interview session. Hopefully we will hear tomorrow. The school is on a delay tomorrow too due to the low temperatures and icy conditions.

Did anyone hear yet? Did anyone sit in on the parent part?
My daughter had her decision made (another school), until this interview and now feels like she has found her people. Alabama was not even being considered…I just wanted to hear about the program from a parents perspective.

Impressive program. Students who are selected all live together in one dorm first year. They take some classes together in smaller, seminar style classes. Lots of writing. If they complete the program they receive a Liberal Arts minor and graduate with honors. Participating in the program allows early registration, sooner than other students. Alumni panel spoke at Parents presentation and were very glad to have had a “small community of like-minded honors classmates” within the large Alabama U. Best of both worlds. One alum said being a part of Blount was the best conversation starter in every interview she has done in her career. My DD just got admitted yesterday =)

Thank you for the information. Are you in state? My daughter is a musical obsessed, dungeons and dragons loving, nerdy girl. She didn’t have a great high school experience…I am worried about fit. She might not get in…

My DD felt the same way of having found her people. We were fortunate to have met Dr. Whiting 2 years ago and he was fabulous. He sat me and my DD down to chat and offered her tea (she loves hot tea). He mentioned it was writing intensive the first year and if you are a good writer you will be great by the end of freshman year. You should check out the program’s class samplings on UA’s website. They are extremely interesting.
My DD did find out yesterday that she was admitted. That sealed our fate for Alabama. ROLL TIDE!

Preppypaisley21. We are OOS. My DD is a self proclaimed nerd. Her boyfriend is a DD master and she loves musicals. Her HS is an engineering academy so most of the kids are on the “nerdy” end of things. She was fortunate to have loved her school and excelled there. One of my favorite stories that my DD told me, after attending an engineering camp at NCSU, was the conversation she had with other students. That conversation was on according to the principal of physics can a fly stop a train. Good luck to your daughter.

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For university of Alabama Blount scholars program: just trying to get information on this… I have been checking it out all morning after my daughter got accepted into it today. Looks very interesting, if you don’t mind the extra work. A little feather in your cap.

My daughter interviewed this past Saturday and got her acceptance today (Wednesday March 3).
Does everyone that interviews get accepted? Has anyone heard of anyone that DIDN’T get accepted after interviewing?

That’s so exciting! My daughter got accepted today. Question for you… do you know if anyone that interviewed and was NOT accepted into Blount? Just trying to get a feel for this…

Congratulations on your DD getting in. No I don’t know of anyone that interviewed and did not get in. If you are not already a member you may want to check out The University of Alabama Parents Class of 2025 facebook page.