Blue and Gold Program

<p>I'm on the program where the school is supposedly taking care of all of my UC system wide fees. Is the $650 housing deposit included in this? If it isn't I have absolutely no idea where my parents are going to get it before June 30th. Shouldn't they pay for things like these for kids with a lot of financial aid coming their way?</p>

<p>I dont know too much about the Blue and Gold system, but I think it might be like other financial aid stuff. Pretty much you have to pay for it first and then you'll get the financial aid in your bank account. From there your parents can withdraw it and be "reimbursed"</p>

<p>The $650 prepayment is included but you don't receive your financial aid until school starts. So you have to pay it now and you'll eventually get the money back later.</p>

<p>I may be wrong, but I thought Blue and Gold covered tuition and fees but not living expenses like housing and dining costs. Anybody else heard this?</p>

<p>The blue and gold covers "system wide fees" which is tuition and student fees. However, I'm assuming that since the OP qualifies for blue and gold, she's also receiving other forms of financial aid such as a cal grant or a pell grant.</p>

<p>I have the same problem. We don't have money. I can use only my mom credit card. How to do it?</p>