Blue Book CB

<p>pg 778 14)</p>

<p>THe 3 distinct points P ,Q and R lie on a line l; the four distinct poitns S, T, U, V lie on a different line that is parallel to line l. What is the total nubmer of different lines that canbe drawn so that each line contains exactly two of the sevent points?</p>

<li>I got the 3x4 part, but maybe i was just overthinking it, but i thought that you could make lines connencting the points on the same line ?? So like PQ and ST and UV would also be good..guess not?</li>



<p>That would be correct if the last sentence said, "What is the total number of different line segments than can be drawn so that each segment contains exactly two of the seven points?" Remember, "lines" have no beginning or end.</p>