Blue Book Important!

<p>Okay now that I've gotten your attention. Does the blue book get harder as you progress or is school making me dumber? How can I with constant practice move from an average of CR 680 M 790 W 720 to an average of CR 650 M 760 and W 680. Please there's no excuse this time around, its only about a few weeks to the October Exam. What is your BB SAT Score for each practice test and is it an upward or downward trend?</p>

<p>why would you want to lower your average for the subj., just work on your weakness???
btw, the first three tests in BB are the most recent one, so they tend to be easeir. from test 4 and onward, it is from before 2005 so it will be a bit harder. i did really well on like the first three and started dropping... but im taking the nov. test=)</p>

<p>I never said I wanted to move to a lower average, I'm just wondering how its possible. Doesn't practice make perfect. It hasn't! BTW my weaknesses are silly mistakes and then I'm like oh I knew that. Anytime I cross out answer choices and I'm left with two. I always choose the runner up and then I saw the answer was in fact the other one. How do I get out of this?</p>

<p>Every test they write is designed to recreate the bell its never more difficult in the strictest sense. Most of the changes over the years are to cloose loopholes or illiminate some known bias. There is also some content change and modernization of language. </p>

<p>That said I think what you are seeing is just normal variation in your scores. Some part of the POE method involves luck, and sumetimes you will be unlucky. Also some tests may have some questions you havent seen beflore. </p>

<p>Just keep working through as many sample questions as you can. You will be preparing as best you can, and maximizing your score, whatever it is.</p>