Blue book scaled scores

<p>Quick question: In the official Sat blue book, it presents "scaled scores" like 770-800, 750-780, etc etc.</p>

<p>Are these score ranges or is it just showing the way the score was curved for that administration of hte test?</p>

<p>I really hope it is just showing the curve...</p>

<p>Since the tests in BB have never been administered, those are the possible ranges of your curved score had it been administered.</p>

<p>A good gauge of what you actually would have gotten is the average of the curved score to your raw score in this spreadsheet:
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<p>Why do the first three or so BB tests have specific scores for a raw score, but for example, on test # 4, a raw score of 60 on the CR test will get you a 660-760...that's kind of a huge range.</p>

<p>The first three are previously administered tests, so those do have precise scales.</p>

<p>Ohhhhhh...that makes sense. Thanks</p>

<p>...I thought the curves were pre-determined though?</p>

To the person above, no the scales are not made beforehand, the scales are made based off of how the students do on the test.


<p>That's what I thought, but a lot of people on this board say otherwise in different threads. It makes sense to me to make the curve after, but I doubt what they anticipate the curve would be and what it actually is would fluctuate that much.</p>

<p>edit: disregard.</p>