Blue book score ranges...

<p>Do these annoy anybody else? My score range on the last test was 2140 to 2350...I mean that's a pretty big difference...what do you guys normally do with this?</p>

<p>yeah, they really annoy me.
I usually just go with the exact middle of the range... it doesn't help much though.</p>

<p>The exact middle of the range is a pretty good indicator. The fact is that your real scores are actually only accurate within the same range (+- 30 points for Math and Critical Reading and +-40 points for Writing) least according to the College Board.</p>

<p>and doing the exact middle of the range for all the tests does help track progress.
pay attention to the raw scores as well.</p>

<p>mine was 2230-2400. pretty big range</p>

<p>I'd rather have your range :(, those are the scores I'm aiming for...but I already have an 800M from a previous test, so I think I can get there</p>

<p>take the middle of each of the subscore ranges, and then find the middle of the total. looking at individual sections is more important for practice than the overall score.</p>

<p>they had range as it was never given at the time so they did not have any data but the mi oint checks out wth the new published test exact values</p>

<p>^...what? can you explain better?</p>

<p>i think mathproblem means that when the book first came out they didn't have any way to determine exact scores because no one had ever taken the tests in the book; so they just gave ranges instead. Now, the new edition of the the Blue book is more accurate because the college board people collected data from wherever and now should have specific scores (I'm not sure if there are specific scores, I have the old book)</p>

<p>There is no new edition of the Official SAT Study Guide, as far as I can tell. Taking the middle of the ranges is NOT in general a reliable method of getting the "true" scores. It works pretty well for the math section, but the CR scores are closer to the lower end of the range, and the Writing MC subscores are also lower than the midpoints of the ranges. Strictly taking the midpoints of the ranges will give you an INFLATED score. For more accurate scores, e-mail me for a conversion table that I created specifically for the Blue Book.</p>