Blue Book Test 1 Section 5 Comparison Reading Passage

<p>Gosh i wish i had a print version of the passage but i put a random link i found on-line.</p>

<p>I don't know why for Section 5 number 12, C is the correct answer.
I don't know how the author of passage 2 is interpreting Walden in a way that it is NOT representative of the way it is often taught in schools.</p>

<p>Can anyone help me.</p>

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<p>its on page 16.</p>

<p>In passage 1, the author says, of it taught in schools: "in this sense, Walden is revered as a text of regret, a lament for a world passing out of existence"...
in passage 2 the author says at the beginning: "At other times he was downright enthusiastic (about the mechanization...)". So this statement in passage 2 would contrast with the traditional approach of the book being sad and regretful about mechanization, offered in passage 1.</p>