blue devil days

<p>i was accepted ED, and i am curious to know whether or not many accepted ED applicants or many people in general go to the blue devil days in april. are they more for people still trying to make their decision among a few different schools? or are they a good experience i should have before i actually go to down to durham in august? do you meet many people, make friends, etc.? logistically it is tough for me to make it to one of these, but i will try to make it work if it seems worthwhile....</p>


<p>Visiting with a host student (whether it's with Blue Devil Days, Duke Up Close, or just on a whim) is a great experience. You'll make older friends who can help you when you're start school, you'll meet other '12s, you can scope out things to get involved in before school starts, and you'll definitely have a good time especially if you stay overnight. But if money is tight/it costs you more than $100 to come here, save your money and apply for a pre-orientation program.</p>

<p>thanks dukie11</p>