Blue & Gold Opportunity - what does it really mean?

<p>My family's income this year is ~76k, estimated next year to be around 60-66k.
Single mom, three children (2 dependents). </p>

<p>Berkeley's tuition is around 12,000? Whatever its tuition, does B&G insure that these tuition costs are covered if I qualify for it? </p>

<p>All other expenses, such as housing, dining, etc. are estimated to be around 13,000?
I would only have to pay that, right?</p>

<p>Yup. The school will only be responsible for your systemwide fee (tuition).</p>

<p>My family's financial situation is similar to yours. My full tuition is covered under Blue and Gold, plus just under a thousand a year toward living expenses (off-campus). I also received enough in loans to make my out of pocket cost (if I used all loans) about $1500 per year.</p>

<p>It means you'll get enough grants to cover tuition and school fees. You're on your own for housing and food though.</p>