Blue "H" on FASFA SAR report?

So yea, like the title says on my SAR report after my FASFA finished processing today theres a blue H on a couple lines of the SAR. Of which the blue H is on some lines which correspond to data that has been transferred by the IRS, even if I click the H nothing happens and it doesn’t tell me why theres a H there. There are also some parts that have a blue H next to them that I don’t understand why they are there. For example parents veteran non-education benefit has a H however my parent isn’t a veteran so isn’t that supposed to be 0? Anyone knows why there are these Blue Hs? and if I need to fix anything and who I can reach out for help?

The h signifies a possible incorrect response. It doesn’t mean that it really IS incorrect, but it does mean you should double check the answers to make sure they are correct. Here is the official information about an h:

“The Central Processing System (CPS) found potential errors or assumed the answers to certain questions and marked these responses with an “h.”
 The student should review the items marked with an “h.”  They should correct any items that are inaccurate.
 If all items appear to be correct, no further action is needed.”

You may have skipped the veterans non-education benefit question, in which case the processor would have assumed your answer was 0 … so it signifies an assumption in this case.


How can a filer check fields that were imported using the IRS DRT? Those field amounts are not listed on the FAFSA when you go to check.

They can’t check those fields, but the OP said “some” of the fields marked with h are from the DRT. The others are the ones to check. It’s possible the h’s were triggered by seemingly conflicting information or information that was skipped. It’s not necessarily a problem, but it’s good to double check what can be double checked to make sure that information is correct.