blue in grades

<p><em>i have the exact same post posted on jhu and cornell forum</em></p>

<p>i'm currently a junior. i'm seriously blue about my grades since it's been on a bad trend.
*note: our school runs on a block schedule system. </p>

<p>freshmen yr.
alg.II- 91
biology Honors- 98
english- 100
political sci- 94
health- 93
symphony orchestra- 100
french II- 85</p>

<p>sophomore (the teachers hated me... lol... a valid excuse?)
precalculus honors- 81
chemistry honors- 82
british literature honors- 83
french III honors-92
ap. world history- 93
orchestra- 100</p>

<p>junior- (going up hill)
englishl honors- 95
ap calculus ab- 95
ap calculus bc- 91
ap biology- 97
ap ushistory- 94
french IV honors- 96
french V honors- 98
orchestra- 100</p>

<p>senior (classes with appx. grades since i'm going to study hard!)
Adv. discrete math (highest possible math in GA)- 90
AP Govt- 95
AP Econ- 97
AP English- 86
AP Comp. science- ? 90ish?</p>

<p>i'm a korean living in Georgia. i've gotten numerous awards in forensic debate. (including quarterfinalist in nationals), viola (2nd place in national festival), ranked top 50 nationally in fencing, state champions in lacrosse this yr, 280 hrs of community service so far.
captain in:varsity academic bowl,varsity debate team, varsity lacrosse
president in: asian culture club
SAT i just took: 710- vocab 780- math 680- writing</p>

<p>would i be good enough to apply for berkeley?</p>

<p>just write a damn good personal statement.</p>

<p>edit: what majors are you considering?</p>

<p>really? you think he's that borderline? I think he'll get in if he keeps his grades and ECs going. High hopes on that! (I'd wish you good luck if I believed in it ;) ) Heck, I got in with ECs that have nothing on those, fewer APs, but that was because my HS didn't have any more that I had any interest in, but a better GPA.</p>


<p>EDIT: The only thing that could possibly hurt you is that you're not from CA, but GA probably is an underrepresented state, that might help you... I'm only familiar with in-state admissions, and they let in people that had less than your qualifications.</p>

<p>wait wait wait... did I just read Georgia??? lol... this kid stands no chance at all. it's too late to bring up his grades. the colleges are going to know he slacked off, etc. Plus, his ec's aren't that amazing. stick to places like georgia state or atlanta university.</p>

<p>He botched one year, and, since freshman year means all of nothing, I'm sensing upward trend, which helps out applicants. Unless I'm wrong he's also taking the hardest courses his school offers. I'd say apply. I'd also say he's got a good chance at getting in. If nothing else, there's a monsterous improvement from Sophmore year to Junior year. Like I said, the only thing I'm not sure of is what the disadvantage for out-of-state would be. Were he in CA he'd be in as far as I can figure.</p>