Bluetooth Question

<p>Hey, I know this question isn't very college related, but here goes:</p>

<p>Is Bluetooth the same as Wi-Fi? Also, if they are different, is bluetooth vital to have in college (other than for wireless mouses or whatever)?</p>

<p>Bluetooth is different.</p>

<p>Wifi is wireless internet.</p>

<p>Bluetooth is a short range wireless technology that allows devices to communicate with other devices. (Examples include bluetooth headset for a wireless connection to a cell phone. A bluetooth mouse for a wireless connection to a computer.)</p>

<p>So as such, bluetooth isn't really too prevalant on college campuses. There are bluetooth mice out there but wireless mice (that work on the rF frequency and not the bluetooth frequency) work just as well on computers.</p>

<p>for the average person, bluetooth is a useless security risk.</p>

<p>Look at those studies where people went and found out what they could do in the middle of an airport or subway to people who had bluetooth phones and were to clueless to turn it off.</p>

<p>Unless you are hell bent on having a phone that connects wirelessly to your laptop and have no need for bluetooth (wireless bluetooth mice and stuff come with their own bluetooth adapter)</p>


Yeah, like sighting, identifying, and tracking an individual in a building over one kilometer away using a bluetooth</a> equipped sniper rifle array.</p>

<p>You don't need bluetooth if you don't know what it is.</p>

<p>I have a bluetooth equipped phone but really only use it for my wireless headset and connecting to the internet through my laptop... I opted not to get WiFi because I couldn't find any reason why I'd need to surf the internet through my little dinky phone.</p>

<p>... I do LOVE my Bluespoon Digital BT headset though</p>

<p>umm...WiFi has nothing to do with your phone...</p>

<p>Actually, many companies are now including WiFi in mobiles to reduce phone bills. Rather than accrue long distance expenses, you can connect via a local wifi hotspot with custom-tailored VoIP software.</p>

<p>ottothecow... ummm, yes it does.</p>

<p>I have a smart phone with a full pda built in and you can surf the internet just like you can on your home computer.</p>

<p>well, then it has to do with your PDA smartphone which is just a tiny bit more advanced then a phone ;)</p>

<p>And I dont know where you got that data Nom because its not happening. Sure smartphones and the such exist but the service providers do not want to sell phones that allow people to not pay them for service. None of the big mobile service providers will sell you a phone with that capability...they want your money.</p>

<p>I'm sorry to contradict you again, but that's not actually true. A quick Google search turned up this *evidence[/i</a>]. People will buy the phones, telco or not, and there's nothing that can be done about it. People with geeky tendencies unlock mobile phones all of the time.</p>

<p>That is not evidence of such a thing being available. It says they have formed an alliance and plan to do so at some unknown time in the future. I'm not saying its a bad idea but you probobly will never be able to buy something with native voip functionality from a provider (and they have extreme pressure on all the manufacturers). Without a provider deal...have you noticed how much non-simlocked phones cost? imagine that price if there were absolutely no sales coming from providers. </p>

<p>Most of the sources on the matter are foriegn where mobile tech is years ahead of here and you can rest assured that the telcos will fight it for their profits and the government will fight it for regulation.</p>



<p>Very true. These DO exist (I looked them up a while ago, so I am certain of the fact). We're just not going to see any of them 'round these parts for a long time, if ever (because of telcos and regulation).</p>

<p>anyone know where the name came from?</p>

<p>wifi, broadband, smartphone, pda....self explanatory tech terms...but BlueTooth....whaaaa</p>

<p>Wikipedia never ceases to amaze me:

The system is named after a Danish king Harald Bl</p>


<p>Wifi is commonplace now. Bluetooth is a necessity, all good laptops should have it. I use it every day for a bluetooth mouse, and I control iTunes through my bluetooth phone like a remote. It's quite awesome.</p>

<p>hardly sounds like a necessity...</p>

<p>That bluetooth sniper thing looks really cool!</p>

<p>I heard that if you aim your Bluetooth sniper rifle at corporate suites, the police demonstrate the use of a real sniper rifle, just for you.</p>