bme at cal poly

<p>how is the bme program cal poly in terms of difficulty and streghnt? are the professors good? how about for medical school?
i am also considering the 4+1:when do u have to decide on that

<p>It's a small program. Only 6 professors, I think. I'd personally do ME and then switch to BME for the masters if you were doing a 4+1, as one of my friends is doing. Cal Poly ME is probably a significantly better program (undergraduate).</p>

<p>i would switch majors but from what i hear it is nearly impossible at cal poly. i want to switch to either mechanical or elecrical but im scared i might be stuck</p>

<p>I don't know. Look for the requirements.</p>

<p>there are no requirements to switch into electrical engineering aside from a 2.0 if u are already in the college of engineering. good</p>