<p>Can you guys chance me for UCSD? (Warren) I want to major in BME.</p>

<p>California, Male, White
GPA: 3.98 (Due to extrememly low freshmen GPA (3.3/3.5) Soph (3.83/4.0) Junior (4.5/4.5)
ACT 32 (33 Math, 25 English, 35 Science, 35 reading) (might take again)
SAT (not submitting) 1960 (740 M, 630 Writing (12 essay), 590 CR)
AP tests 3's on Euro and Physics B; 4's on USH, Lang, and Calc AB
Current Schedule: AP stats, AP Calc BC, AP chem, AP Gov. College English, College spanish ( Dual enrollment program)</p>


<p>Varsity Water polo, golf and swim (captain of all three)
Created a mud run which raised over $10,000 for charity
President of MUN and cuban culture club
VP of NHS, CSF, and Interact Club
Mow some lawns for $$$
AP scholar w/ distinction
Youth Court
Top Scholar (Best student for the year)
Math Scholar of the year
Scholar Athlete
Senior of the Month
Won a gavel at MUN
Basketball referee for local youth league
Someother things I'm probably forgetting</p>

<p>WHOOPS! That's my overall GPA. My UC GPA is a 4.21 and unweighted is a 3.8</p>

<p>any opinions?</p>

<p>You do a lot of e.c.'s and your scores are typical for a UC. Usually, if you are from a California high school in the top 3% of your class, you have some sort of upper hand I think. Also make sure you make it evident in your essay why you want to go into Biomedical Engineering especially since you can't see from your EC's that you have a passion for things relating to Bio. (: Good luck!</p>

<p>Plus, shouldn't this be in a different category? That's maybe why you aren't getting many hits.</p>

<p>Yeah I agree, and I feel my essays accomplish that. And yeah, but I want people familiar witht the school to comment on it and let me know how I am doing!</p>

<p>Anyone have experience with this?</p>

<p>i don't know about BME since it is a pretty competitive major to get into, but i say you have a pretty good chance.</p>

<p>you'll make it into SD for sureee though</p>

<p>It looks like you have all the right stuff to get into the program! just keep everything up! your grades and your ECs. I hope you make sure to write a great personal statement. Make sure your personality comes through because your grades and extracurricular activities aren't the only things that define you!</p>