Board of Governors needs Trustees...

<p>Would you like to help shape the future of Florida State University? The Florida Board of Governors is looking for trustees - two for FSU.

The state's Board of Governors is seeking candidates to appoint as trustees of the 11 institutions of Florida's university system.</p>

<p>Members of the BOG hope to make 21 appointments to the board of trustees by Jan. 6. Two of those appointments will be made at Florida State University. One will be made at Florida A&M University, according to BOG documents.</p>

<p>These appointments are vital to the future of the State University System," Sheila McDevitt, BOG chairwoman, said in a news release. "We are looking for individuals who can lead our institutions with skill and good judgment, who can provide a vision of quality and success and who can ensure our universities are accountable for the resources provided by the citizens of this state."


<p>Parties interested in apply for the BOG positions, should complete the application form available on the BOG Website at: Florida</a> Board of Governors : University.</p>

<p>Parties interested in applying should call (850) 488-2183.</p>

<p>Go 'Noles!</p>