Boarding School Application: Any Rooms for Improvement?

Hi, I’m an international student overlooking schools like L’ville, Cate, and Choate, for the 2022-2023 school year. I have provided some information regarding my application below; it would be great if you could stop by and give me some feedback. I have italicized some of the activities I value more than the others.


  • All A’s and A+'s in grade seven
  • Academically self-motivated, have been immersing myself in various subjects like econ, bio, and pre-calc->calc.

Letters of reccomendation:

  • I expect them to be quite solid, I have good relationships with my teachers, and they know well about me. I do well in their classes.


  • Community service: the founder of a mental health community service club. Initiating fundraisers to ensure the mental health care of those who cannot afford it.

  • Clubs: the founder of the school student wellness club, aiming to improve the students’ wellbeing through various activities

  • Clubs: the leader of a diversity magazine. Will publish student voice articles this year.

  • Sports: not my major focus, though I do play tennis and participate in cheerleading at an intermediate level. Nothing that exceptional

  • Music: honor choir, I have continuously performed in honor choir events hosted by a national-level group of multiple schools.

  • Drama: also part of my interests, I have participated in school plays throughout numerous years, but did nothing outside of school.


  • New York Times Wk 4 Article Reflection Contest: runner up for first
  • One of the final nominees for school core value award
  • (More of an achievement, but) qualified as a translator for TED talks

I want to put a focus on my desire to “serve” for others as a major element within my application; most of my activities and interests are especially focused on the realms of mental health. I am actively preparing for my interviews, with my first one scheduled for next week Monday. I hope you can give me some advice. Thank you!

I think you are a solid applicant but you need to vastly expand your list of schools. I think people are not responding because they kind of don’t know what to say. Your resume is fine, your school list is very very selective. Fine + very selective = disappointment. Look into some less well known schools that would also give you the experience you are looking for. Beyond “service” I am not really sure what that is. I am not sure that your service rises to the level of so exceptional that it can function as your “one thing.”