Boarding School Applications!

Hey everyone! Before even beginning this thread I’d like to thank everyone for your kind words/suggestions regarding my previous “chance me” question. Below is the link (with some personal info/background: Chance me: Top boarding schools: Deerfield, Lawrenceville, Choate - #21 by SweetBoy1).

As you may see, I’m extremely interested in the world of psychiatry and mental health, and most of my extracurriculars will be based on that too (writings/articles/fundraisers/interviews/assemblies/etc). I have, indeed, participated in other extracurriculars (as a leader) too, but most of my extracurriculars revolve around psychiatry/mental health. Would this significantly damage, or uplift, my chances of acceptance? Thank you!

If used correctly, it can be an amazing hook for your application!

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Doing anything you are absolutely passionate about is a plus. You will be able to talk about your experiences in your interview and the schools will know exactly who you are.
Just don’t do things because you think they will look good on your application. Schools see right through that!

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