Boarding school, do I have a shot?!

<p>I'm thinking of going to boarding school but Im not sure I will get accepted because I had a bad grade 9 year (due to personal problems), but even though I was there for less than a half year I still got a 70 % average... however I did obtain honours 6,7 and 8, Im very well rounded, I will be going to a school with an equestrian program (and I am already quite sucessful in the horse world), I have lots of experience(volunteer/work/homeschooling/animals/lessons etc), and I'm consistently getting good recommodations.
I'm wondering if my grade 9 year would completely ruin my chances for boarding school in grade 10. Should I just apply in grade 11 (even though its harder to get in in Gr11) and in the meantime try to make my application more attractive? Or should I go ahead and apply now anyways (and if I don't make it wait till next year)?
Also is it possible to get financial aid plus the schools scholarship?</p>

<p>Go for it. I don't think one bad year will ruin your chances. Plus you can write a petter explaining to the school what happened in grade 9. What school are you thinking about applying to??? And if you don't get in this year then you can apply next year with a better application so don't worry and start applying!</p>

<p>This belongs in the chances section. :) It probably won't, schools look for more than grades and it seems like you're a well-rounded applicant. But most of us posters are just students, or hope-ful students, or parents (with a few teachers). Who knows what goes on in those crazy admission officers' heads? It can't hurt to apply and the worst case scenario is that you'll gain experience for college admission! Good luck.</p>