Boarding School GPA For Transferees

Hey guys! Quick question: How do boarding schools calculate a Transfer student’s GPA? Do they just continue on from the school you came from or do they start you over? I realize that schools probably differ in their handling of this, but I’d like to see the perspective of current BS students/parents of students first to see if there’s some sort of constant.

Most schools don’t mix gpa of courses taken elsewhere into gpa of courses taken at them. Your transcript may or may not include courses from your previous schools. But even if the courses are listed, their grades probably won’t be considered in calculating gpa at the new school.

If you’re talking about how they calculate GPA for colleges, the answer may be "they don’t ". Our school did not, nor did it weight, nor did it rank.

This is by no means a universal approach, but it’s not uncommon. Prep schools that are selective and/or value the individuality of their students and/or want to encourage learning for its own sake may feel they serve their students best by NOT facilitating comparisons between them.

You will probably have to ask college counseling to get an accurate answer for your situation.