boarding schools in california?

<p>hi, first time posting. i've been a lurker for a while and finally decided to join :D</p>

<p>i'm applying to thacher and cate, but all i hear about is exeter, andover, groton, deerfield, hotchkiss, etc. </p>

<p>are there any thacher/cate applicants here? :)</p>

<p>I applied to Cate. But I can tell that I will be rejected... :( Did you apply to other schools besides Cate and Thacher? And don't worry about that fact that not many talk about CA boarding schools. It's just that most of the elite ones are cluttered all over the east coast, particuarly New England.</p>

<p>im applying for next year, but I'm also applying for thacher and cate as well
go california ;)
thacher, in my opinion, is pretty elite though. It's pretty high up there in the acceptance rate/sat scores, and lots of alumni went to stanford, harvard, etc etc.
cate, I haven't done too much research on.</p>

<p>both are good schools. hope you get in both :D</p>

<p>What I meant was that the schools in the east coast are more well-known so people usually apply there. Not to say that very few students apply to CA boarding schools, because Cate and Thacher have very low acceptance rates too.</p>

<p>Anyways, good luck next year. If, by some chance, I'm accepted then maybe I can offer advice then!</p>

<p>thanks cate :) i wasn't actually meaning to contradict what you said, i just used the word elite because of my very lowly-concentrated vocabulary and I thought of the PERFECT word to say to leanlikeacello to explain that thacher and cate are good schools so not to worry.</p>

<p>someday west coast schools are going to own the world :]
good luck to you cate! hope you get in too. i know a few things about them, and my friend is applying and she said the view is fantastic from the dorm rooms ;)</p>

<p>i only applied to cate and thacher because my family did not want me living outside of california. :[ i would have applied to exeter and deerfield as well.</p>

<p>until a few weeks ago, i couldn't decide which one i liked better, but now i know for sure that thacher is the right school for me. however, i just wish that i got into at least one. :D</p>

<p>I'm not allowed to go to college on the west coast nonetheless high school</p>

<p>Thacher & Cate are both excellent schools. To decide between the two, if accepted to both, you will probably need to visit. Students at Thacher are required to care for horses, many students at Cate are rumored to be quite wealthy--moreso than Thacher. There are a few other private schools in the area as well. Cate has a gorgeous setting (mountains & ocean), Thacher has a beautiful setting with a bit of an emphasis on outdoor activities such as hiking & camping. In my opinion, there is less academic pressure and less acdemic competition at these two West Coast schools than at their East Coast cousins. Much of the relaxed atmosphere has to do with California living & much due to the availability of the Univ. of California system (as there is less posturing for Ivy League spots).</p>

<p>My sister attends Thacher and she loves it. She is getting a great education and has made fantastic friends. It has a beautiful campus.</p>

<p>roses&clover, I think you mean "let alone or never mind" not nonetheless. Nonetheless means despite anything to the contrary.."I'm not allowed to go to college on the west coast, nonetheless, I applied to UCLA."</p>

<p>Nonetheless, "nevertheless"--meaning "in spite of" --would have been appropriate.</p>

<p>nope, i don't agree. in spite of does not fit. "I'm not allowed to go to college on the west coast, *in spite of * high school." </p>

<p>"I'm not allowed to college on the west coast, *let alone *high school"</p>

<p>I applied "nevertheless" to your last sentence in post #9, which was your misquote of a sentence used by roses & clover in an above post. "...nevertheless, I applied to UCLA". So, nope, I don't agree with your "nope, I don't agree" statement.</p>

<p>I was rewriting her sentence to show when nonetheless could be used. It was an example--not a misquote. Nevertheless or nonetheless are interchangeable.</p>

<p>I went to a girls' boarding school in Northern California (Santa Catalina) and it was a great school. But since we live on the East Coast, we only looked at schools on the East Coast for our child. But Cate and Thacher are both wonderful schools, and you have great weather year-round!</p>

<p>KitKatBar: Ahhh--I can see that we are headed for a deeply intellectual discussion which is right on point of the OP's initial post in this thread.(slight sarcasm). Nonetheless, although interesting, I, nevertheless, am going to move on to another thread.</p>

<p>icy- i have visited the two campuses. i am aware of all the things that you mentioned- especially about the "less academically competitive" thing. even their websites mention the "relaxed california setting". it wasn't an option for me to go to a boarding school in the east coast in the first place..and i really did not want to go to a religious/all-girls school :/</p>

<p>kitkatbar- may i ask what grade your sister is in?</p>

<p>She's a junior</p>

<p>By "less academically competitive", I meant "less academically cutthroat". Nonetheless, I, nevertheless, believe that you understood the intent of my original statement. Moreover...</p>

<p>kitkatbar- do you know how much homework she had freshman year?</p>

<p>No...I don't sorry.</p>