Boarding Schools

What are a few “safety” boarding schools that have a high chance of acceptance?

What is your SSAT score ? GPA ? ECs & sports ?

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I’m taking the SSAT and TOEFL in November. I just wanted to know of a few safety schools to fall back on in case I didn’t get into my top choice.


The best “safety” for boarding school may be your local public school (or else a private day school within commuting distance). But if there is something about your family situation that makes boarding school a necessity, then go to Under “Top Lists” there is one sorted by selectivity.

Look at schools outside New England. You’d be surprised to see how fabulous schools are in the south and other regions, without the incredible selectivity. is an excellent resource. You an filter schools by location, religious affiliation, student body size, gender, activities offered, etc. You can also see rankings and the acceptance rate at schools. This can help you to research and narrow down less selective “safety” schools.

If you are willing to consider all-girls schools, there are some incredible options out there that have more forgiving admissions rates, but still provide a stellar education and community. These include Emma Willard, Chatham Hall, Ethel Walker, Miss Porter’s, Foxcroft, Madeira, Stoneleigh Burnham, Santa Catalina (in California), and more. Graduates of all-girls schools have a confidence going into college that girls at co-ed schools sometimes lack. All of these schools have strong reputations.