Boarding students and National Merit designations

What state do boarding students use to determine the index score that applies to them - their home state or the state that their school is in? Is it still true that semifinalist and finalist levels are determined within a special boarding school pool, rather than the state?

By the boarding school region. So all students at a New England BS will need to hit the level of the state with the highest score amongst the 6 states, which is typically Massachusetts.

Yep, I think MA this year was 223. MA is always one of the highest scores together with CA/ DC and CT.

So if DC is taking the test through the local public schools system in FL but is enrolled in a northeast BS, the scores are counted against FL students or northeast students?


Yep…DS was several points above cutoff for Tx but since he’s in BS in Mass, he missed the cutoff by 1 point. It is what it is…