Bob Cole Conservatory of Music

<p>Hello, I asked once before if anyone had heard anything about the Bob cole Conservatory of Music at CSU Long Beach. The school became a conservatory as of this fall. To those who gave me info. before it started, thank you. It is Fall and I must make my decision soon about what school to attend. As I do not have alot of money so a school like USC is out of the question and I am not confident that my grades and test results are good enough to get me into UCLA (or USC for that matter). Has anyone heard anything new about the program at CSULB? Or do you have any other suggestions for schools in California that are reasonably priced?</p>

<p>Depends on what you are studying...voice? instrument? jazz? classical? For different disciplines there are a lot of good, reasonably priced, California State Universities. Many more choices that the East coast!</p>

<p>Make that THAN ON the East Coast!</p>

<p>I am curious about the California State Universities - specifically for undergrad voice (classical). Any input is appreciated.
Two points of "hearsay":
1) CSULB is a commuter school and clears out on the weekend. True?
2) Information gleaned recently from another forum:</p>

<p>Yet another sign of the times how economic woes on the state level could impact the timing of applications for some students. This is from today's LA Times:</p>

<p>September 30, 2008
In another sign of the state's economic woes, freshmen entering in the fall of 2009 are being urged to apply early to California State University campuses.</p>

<p>The application window opens Wednesday. Because of state budget shortfalls, the system will not be able to absorb as much growth in enrollment as usual, officials said Monday, so later applicants risk losing out on their schools of choice.</p>

<p>Six of the most popular campuses -- Fullerton, Long Beach, Pomona, San Diego, San Luis Obispo and Sonoma -- plan to stop taking applications Nov. 30. The 17 other campuses will accept applications through March 1, but may close down certain programs or majors when they reach capacity. A CSU website tracks which campuses are accepting applications and which majors are open or closed. </p>

<p>This is the second year in a row with tight deadlines; many CSU campuses previously took applications until September. Cal State is the largest four-year higher education institution in the country, with 450,000 students.</p>


<p>oldviola---unfortunately all the CSU's with good voice programs--LB,Fullerton, and Northridge are for many a "commuter" school. Another issue to take into account is that these programs are low on money and tend to cancel classes. I spoke to one student last week at a Cal State voice program who may have to study an extra semester, due to the fact that the program just cut back on one of her required music theory classes.
My D (five years ago) was going to use Northridge as a safety, but didnt apply until the second week of November and they were already full and would not even schedule an audition(their loss!). At that time they said that they were going to stop taking applications in Dec.(!)
Other schools you might want to consider---UCLA (flush with cash due to a generous donation from Herb Albert)and Chapman---generous with merit scholarships for talented young undergrads.</p>

<p>I hope to major in voice. I want to study classical, Musical Theater, Contemporary Music and Jazz. That may sound crazy but I love all forms of music.</p>

<p>Erica---crazy or not--when you audition, you will need to focus on one of the above.</p>

<p>Thank you. I do realize that but when I went last year to have a look around it seemed as though you could participate in a variety of classes onece you were admitted into one program or the other.</p>

<p>I’m resurrecting this thread, in the hope that it’s sensible to squash topics instead of starting all over again. I’m curious about Bob Cole at CSULB, though DS is not applying until Fall 2011, because I’ve heard some good things about it (much of it here) and it’s in California, which I suspect may be important when we get serious about this (um, that should be now, right?). I was poking around their catalog, and noticed an “option” (concentration) in the B.Mus. program for “Performance, Composition, and History and Literature.” Sounds neat for DS who is still not really clear whether he wants to focus on piano, trumpet or composition (and though things may change, he’s only preparing properly so far, in my opinion, for piano, though his work in composition seems to be ramping up this year. Trumpet is a social instrument, and he truly loves it, & he's a big fish at school, but braces caused a disaster a year ago, and he doesn’t practice much.) He likes theory and he's good at it. He really loves music generally in all its wonderful aspects, so I was hoping we could find a rounded sort of college degree, a good start-out music education in which he can take a little more time to figure out what he loves & does best. However, he is thoroughly opposed to a B.A. (has been since middle school, he’s totally serious about that). So he either has to pick something & focus more right away, or maybe take a year off after high school, or potentially find a program like this one at Bob Cole. Any thoughts out there on this interesting focus? Also, while I'm here, any thoughts about any of the above concentrations at Bob Cole – piano, trumpet, or composition? Finally, do you know of any other B.Mus. programs in California (or west coast) that sound a bit broad-ish like this one? Thanks!</p>

<p>I believe you may have misunderstood--those are three options within the BM, meaning performance or composition or history and literature. All of these options take the same core music courses. But check with the department to make sure. Make sure that your S auditions early--with budget cuts there may be few or no spots left by the time the last audition rolls around. Also, the BM still requires all the CSU general education credits, which are very extensive, so the degree takes 5 years at least. Maybe AP credits can shave off some time, but very few make it through in 4 years, or so I've heard.</p>

<p>Aha, you are so very right! I was misreading the catalog (well, it's not all that clear!) Here I'd thought I found the perfect combination :) Thanks so much for the info, I'll call, and have a look at the GE. Of course, it's hard to get through anywhere in 4 years, it seems. And at the least, 5 years of any CSU is still far less expensive (for in-state) than 4 of anything else. Thanks very much!</p>

<p>For a more "broadish" program, what about a BA in music, possibly theory or ethnomusicology at UCLA?</p>

<p>Thanks, those are very interesting ideas. Unfortunately his grades, while not terrible, are not UC-worthy (scraped a 3.5 or 3.6 I think in 10th grade) and though he'll have the basic minimum a-g, he's not overdoing it in language or science (leaving room for piles of music, which is ok with us). I doubt he'd be admitted at any UC. But he really wants to focus on music, which I've just been realizing probably leaves CSULB out. Too bad bc so many things are right about it. I was assuming that because it's called a conservatory, the BM wouldn't have all the GE. Rats. On the other hand, if he does well in his planned APs, he'll have elective credit at the least, and hopefully a couple of GEs out of the way. A BA in theory or ethnomusicology hadn't crossed my mind though, we'll definitely put that on the list, thanks! (what list, oh dear, we don't have a list yet! I can tell this is going to be fun already :) )</p>

<p>Hello to those interested in the Cole Conservatory of Music. I would like to provide you with a couple of links to answer many of the questions you may have about the music program. I am a graduate of the program and I can truly say that my time at the conservatory was a period of personal growth and outstanding musical development. </p>

<p>As a performer, I believe that the proof is in the playing. A good tip to scout out the right school is to search for the place that inspires you with their sound. </p>

<p>Dr. Johnathan Talberg is the director of the Vocal Program and my experience with him has given me nothing but admiration and respect for him and all those involved in the vocal program. </p>

<p>Bob</a> Cole Conservatory of Music | California State University, Long Beach</p>

<p>The price for this university is also one of the best values in this country for such an education. (Not having to pay $100,000 worth of loans is a huge plus! I have friends at conservatories across the country that didn't get better musically. They found themselves in a financial mess.) I am lucky to say that CSULB prepared me for the music world better than any university I have ever come into contact with. </p>

<p>Micah Layne</p>