Boeing BRAZIL Internship/Co Op?

<p>Has anyone else applied for this position?</p>

<p>It is weird, there is no req. number, no online application, you just have to contact the hiring manager. It says Brazil, but online it states "you will be relocated to one of our Seattle-area locations for 6 months" I am assuming we are just working with Boeing of Brazil?</p>

<p>Still, though. Just emailing the hiring manager? If it is anything like their other positions, that would be insane! Usually they use the online application scanner to weed people out and for quick review.</p>

<p>This should be interesting. I spoke with a Boeing rep and apparently they are hiring between 20-25 interns for this opening because they are expanding and have opportunities in accounting, finance, marketing, supply chain management, etc. Would love to have a shot of this one, though, it would put me behind in school by 2 or 3 classes.</p>