Boiler Gold Rush 2021

I know that move-in dates have not been announced yet, but with BGR scheduled to start on Monday August 16, when are likely move-in dates for on-campus housing? I’m trying to make hotel reservations. Thanks.

Move in for freshmen historically has been the weekend right before BGR so the 14th/15th.

With Covid though, they did staggered dorm move ins this past year, over more days, so I’m not sure what they’ll be doing this summer. Hopefully your Boiler will be able to pick day/time for move in so you can book your hotel!

I’d go ahead and make multiple reservations for possible dates, making sure they have one or two day cancellations. Hotels can be difficult to find and you can always cancel.

(Stay away from the Four Points. I have a graduation reservation and they are claiming a retroactive 30 day cancellation polity, despite the confirmed 2-day cancellation reservation. Just another way in which they are bad.)

Thanks for the responses. I have a reservation for the Thursday through Sunday before BGR starts. It sounds like my daughter should be able to schedule a move-in that works within those days.