Boise State football (again!)

<p>sorry to keep blabbing about them, but Chris Petersen was named college coach of the year.
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<p>I particularly loved this tidbit:</p>

Petersen's undefeated season makes him only the second head coach in college football history to post a record of 13-0 in their first season as a head coach. The other was in 1888 when Walter Camp led Yale University to a 13-0 record.



<p>Baked potatoes for everyone!! :)</p>

<p>Actually it's good that somebody recognized this success.</p>

<p>Make mine fries, Opie. And what did our new Secretary of the Interior Kempthorne do to celebrate this gridiron success, cut another TV commericial with singing and dancing spuds?</p>

<p>Yup, potatoe salad for salad, baked potatoes for dinner and chocolate covered potatoe chips for dessert (I have eaten them and they are yummy). A Nice three course meal.</p>



<p>Another fellow UC Davis alum makes good. Go Aggies!</p>