Bomb the Interview? Don't worry.

<p>If you think you bombed your interview, don't worry.</p>

<p>My D thought she bombed her Exeter interview, and she got in. She thought she bombed her SUPER short Lawrenceville interview, and also got in. She had stellar interviews with Groton and Choate and didn't get in. So, at least for us, interviews told us nothing about the actual results.</p>

<p>The effect of interviews is being exaggerated on this board. However, is it possible that your daughter was such a "perfectionist" that she thought she had bomed the interview while in fact she did pretty well? :)</p>

<p>and she could have had an incredible hook that got her in, which outweighed the bad interview.</p>

<p>The interview is only one portion; noot the whole thing.</p>

<p>It depends on the person. For an average candidate the interview is probably very important given they want to see why you would be special. For a canidate the school knows it wants, the interview is just another application procedure. Each case is different. Also, just because you have a short interview does not mean it was bad.</p>