Bombed my interview -NEED Some

So, I completely froze on my L’ville interview and was not able to provide my well-intended, fulsome responses. I gave 2-3 sentenced responses, instead of details. ARGH! My e-interview lasted all of 30 minutes. I feel terrible. Any word of wisdom from those that bombed their interviews? Misery likes company here.

One of DD’s interview lasted less than 20 minutes. AO just went through a list of questions with no interaction or feedback. Emotionless. I told her she didn’t do anything wrong. It’s his style and he probably does it to everyone.

Just want to say we all have not so great experiences. Don’t worry too much about it and move on to the next.

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Thank you, except my interviewer was friendly and talked a lot. That was the problem, I wasn’t sure when to interrupt and politely waited for her to ask questions.

Sounds like we might have had the same interviewer. Do you remember their name?

Remember that the interviewer is taking that exact same personality and style into all of their interviews. So the monotone, boring AO who did zero to create an interesting conversation? All the kids who had that person had the same issue you did.
The chatty one who wouldn’t let you get in your info? No kid got in their info.

On the flip side, don’t forget that the great interviewers who extracted wonderful stories from you, also coaxed out great stories from all their interviewees.

So don’t worry. (But also don’t mistake a great interview for being a shoe-in either.)

You showed up.
You did your part.
That’s all you can do.
Trust that they know how to find what they are looking for.


Same with me, I prepared a lot and ruined everything because of emotions…