Bombed the SAT, Moving on to ACT?

<p>I took SAT 1 twice, and I got 2150 the first time and 2110 the second time.You see, I'm aiming to be an English major, but only my critical reading scores are very low: 660 first and 630 2nd. I've always gotten high crit scores on practice tests, but every time I take the actual test I never passed 700...if I move to ACT and get a higher score will colleges look more on my ACT (cuz I still have to send my SAT scores too...)</p>

<p>First of all, you didn’t bomb the SAT. Most students would be very pleased with your results.</p>

<p>Good luck with the ACT. It is my understanding that colleges only evaluate your highest test score. You are not required to send the SAT from the College Board, but I am pretty sure that the scores will be on your school transcript.</p>

<p>I did pretty bad on my SAT Is too… at least in my opinion. I’m moving on to ACT. Ugh after 2 years of prepping for SAT I have to resort to ACT which I have less than 3 weeks to study for. But looking at a practice test, it doesn’t seem as hard… very straightforward. </p>

<p>As for school transcript, none of my SAT scores show up on it. And score choice allows you to choose which score you wanna send rite? Except some colleges don’t offer score choice… like yale :(</p>

<p>It is a matter of individual preference. The tests are somewhat geared different intellectually. Personally, I preferred the math and reading sections on the ACT, so I stuck with that over the SAT. Of course, you will still need to take the SAT II subject tests (depending on the colleges you are interested in).</p>

<p>Try a practice test or two on the ACT and see how you do. You will probably find yourself to like the question types on one over the other.</p>

<p>It really depends on the type of person you are. I did better on the ACT (33 which is roughly a 2180) and a 2080 on the SAT. I did increase my SAT score by 200 points (From 1880 t0 2080) and my ACT by 7 points (from 26 to 33), so studying helps a lot regardless of which test you take. Take a few practice tests so you can get a feel for the ACT.</p>

<p>You did not bomb the SAT.
But I say you should take the ACT and see what happens. The tests are made totally differently and people can do amazing on the ACT and not so much on the SAT because of that difference.</p>