Bonners Scholars

Was anyone else invited to apply to the Bonners Scholars Program, or is anyone currently involved?

I have twins. Both received the email. We need to research it more but curious to read posts based on current experience. Thanks for starting a thread

My son also received the email. I am curious to know if anyone else who also received the invitation to apply for the Bonner program was offered any merit money with their admission acceptance letter? My son did not, but my older daughter received a nice merit stipend per year when she attended, and she had lower stats than my son, so I am just curious.

@DMH I received the invitation and was offered $5K a year

Thanks… would you be willing to share if the SAT superscore was higher or lower than 1410 (without writing)? I’m just trying to calibrate.

@DMH I’d be happy to! My superscore came out to a 1460

Thanks so much - that helps. I wish you all the best in your journey!

@DMH same to you and your son!

@SPA2100 Can you please confirm, SAT superscore was 1460 and the total merit aid offered was $5,000 from TCNJ?

Thank you for helping me.

@NJRoadie That is correct!

My son applied to the Bonners program, but did not make it past the 1st round. He will apply again when the application is available in a few days. So did you all apply on your own… or did you receive an email encouraging you to apply?? ? tia

@Loreli173 - What do you mean about the application becoming available in a few days? I thought the deadline passed.

Hi @northjerseymama (sorry I never checked back). The 2nd wave of applications is open now.

Thanks! I hadn’t realized or forgot that there was a second deadline.

So it’s another “no” for Bonner’s (second wave). Boo…was really hoping it would come through. Did you all get invites, or apply on your own? I don’t understand why some students were invited… is it due to application status (ED vs RD?) or is there something else we missed?? Just wondering, any info is helpful. Going to join as a B-Vol, and hoping for next year!