Book Buying Options

<p>Is it better to start buying books right now or should we wait until we arrive on campus for orientation? (I'm an incoming freshman) Also, do most people buy books from the Cornell Store or are there other (cheaper) options?</p>

<p>Kraftees in Collegetown is also a popular option for buying books. It is just slightly cheaper than the Cornell Store. Buying books online generally ends up being the cheapest option. Special course packets, however, can only be bought at the Cornell Store or Kraftees. I would like to point out that the Cornell Store has a great return policy for books. <a href=""&gt;;/a>. As far as buying it right now, it really depends on you. Generally you should have the books by the end of the first week or so. A lot of students wait till classes start because some textbooks are optional. If you plan on buying from the Cornell Store or Kraftees, they sometimes run out of books for some of the most popular courses.</p>

<p>I'm an incoming freshman too, and I just order my books on amazon now. Since your a student search for Amazon student and enter your .edu email and you'll be signed up for Amazon Prime for free. This allows free 2 day shipping on any order that runs the Prime service, so all of my books are arriving Wednesday, and I saved A LOT of money compared to buying them at the bookstore!</p>