Book drive for india

<p>i want to organize a book drive for an orphanage in india. i have all of the details worked out but i'm worried about the cost of shipping. are there any organizations that you can do book drives through (to india) that will pay for the cost of shipping? thanks!</p>

<p>I think they would rather have the money you raise to mail the books than the books themselves.
Pick something else to fill up a line on your transcripts.</p>

<p>yeah, probably true. shipping costs a lot! i found one organization but it has a different focus, so maybe i'll just go with that since it's more cost-effective for everyone.</p>

<p>and fyi, it's not for transcripts. some people actually care.</p>

<p>My school did a similar project for the past two years. The program was Books of Hope - Uganda and the students made the books and submitted them to the organization. I actually created a whole textbook for the program (all digital). Once the organization gets then, a liaison is sent with the books to Uganda to personally deliver them. Maybe sending then with a person on a passenger plane is cheaper...</p>