Book essay question

Is anyone else doing an essay on books that have affected you most? If so, how many books are you writing about? I’m doing three, which at about 150 words each I think is a good fit. But is it a good idea to write about books that don’t carry any weight except for them being among your all time favorite books? I wrote about one science book by Stephan Gould and one journalism book, but I’m also writing about one of my favorite other books. How can i tie that into something unique? Thanks.



<p>Yeah, my scholarship app. question is on a book's influence. The problem I have is that I read so many books I have a hard time remembering the ones I have read. I read about 2 novels a week... but I can't think of any one in particular that has influenced me.</p>

<p>isint it better to do just onne book? If you do many books there wont be enough words to tell the "story" of you and the books influence.</p>

<p>im reading this over and i just noticed why i got a 660 on writing</p>

<p>I am, but mine has a 250 word limit.</p>

<p>I was actually thinking of writing about Neil Gaiman's The Sandman series, but so far the effort has been a pain in the ass because the essay has to factor in what you want the college to know about you as well; it doesn't want a book report on the brain orgasms you get reading it (or maybe they do? Who knows nowadays...)</p>