Book suggestions for cr improvement?

<p>I always read in my life but not voraciously. This past month I have spent hours a day reading and did the trabbs boy passage in bb and ended up getting them all right. So reading tough books is helping immensly in prepping for the jan test. Do you guys have any books that helped you for the passage based reading. Im gonna run out of my current list soon.</p>

<p>What im reading right now:</p>

<p>Atlas Shrugged </p>

<p>Crime and Punishment</p>

<p>Oliver Twist</p>

<p>Tale of Two Cities</p>

<p>War and Peace</p>

<p>lol guess not!</p>

<p>Read everything you can get your hands on FTW!</p>

<p>Haha yeah I guess I should have just expected that as an answer. Well time to go read.</p>

<p>It helped me to read creative nonfiction and essay collections (Joan Didion, Mary Gordon, etc). A lot of it was already assigned reading from AP English Lang, so it wasn't too much of a time committment either. My CR score went from a 740 to 800. </p>

<p>Also for CR, the Direct Hits series is EXTREMELY helpful for vocab. :) Good luck!</p>

<p>You don't need to read texts that are so dense. Just read whatever you enjoy reading. Newspapers and magazines are fine, but this late in the ballgame, I would suggest you practice timed CR sections from the Collge Board blue book. Best of luck!</p>


<p>Its true that its kinda late but its really helping me. Im getting 1 to 2 wrong per section on the passage's. So im trying to heed a little bit of everyone's advice.</p>

<p>I was really surprised when I nailed the trabbs boy passage which many said was difficult. So I guess what ever works and hey, reading is actually becoming very enjoyable.</p>

<p>eagles94, could you write more specific about those books you suggested (Didion, Gordon, etc)? Thanks,
It would be very helpful for my son who also gets 740-60 in practice, never 800. It is not vocabulary questions he misses, mainly from passages.</p>

<p>Anna Karenina (it's better than War and Peace, I think), Dr. Zhivago, The Brothers Karamazov. Those seem to be in the vein of what you're reading now. I loved all of them and they should definitely help get you to an 800. Let me know if you like them! Your current book list is awesome, hope you enjoyed all of them :)</p>

<p>@incorrigible... what is FTW??? Thanks!</p>


<p>Do you want the names of the authors or a little summary of the books? Just a little confused about your question.</p>

<p>And in addition to reading day and night, make sure to combine it with official practice passages so that you can guage the progress.</p>

<p>Thanks for your suggestions. I will deffinately read those, especially Ana Karenina, after finishing war and peace of course! I just hope all this reading will pay off.</p>

<p>For The Win lol!!</p>

<p>...or possible something else from looking at the context of the sentence.</p>

<p>Anna Karenina is literally life changing. Good luck with War and Peace! I read that over the summer years ago; can't imagine trying to read it during the school year! Brilliant but a bit hard to get through in points. Oh, depending on your religious/philosophical beliefs, check out Thus Spoke Zarathustra too. I'm sure it will! Just think of how great it'll feel to be taking the SAT and feel like you're well prepared and set for an 800 :)</p>

<p>Thanks! These novel's do have an impact on you aside from the sat part. You really do learn alot from them.</p>

<p>Try reading The Sound and the Fury by Faulker.... challenging read right there</p>