Book to improve CR and Writing MC Scores?

<p>PSAT: CR-61 M-70 W-52</p>

<p>I have Grammatix, Barrons SAT 2009, Princeton Review PSAT 2006, Gruber's 2400, Direct Hits Volumes 1 and 2(got through first 100 words before test). I also can pretty much get any book I might need except for RRR.</p>

<p>I know I have the tools to improve, but I just don't know where to start. Anyone wanna point me in the right direction.</p>

<p>For me, I used the Princeton Reviews and the Kaplans. Of course, it all depends on your style and what you feel comfortable with. Personally, i feel that the Baarons does not help as it does not adjust well to the "new" SAT style. </p>

<p>As far as your course of action, I would recommend that you work on your M and W first. Both math and writing are fairly formulaic and writing is basically knowing some rules and looking for them (i have more trouble with the "looking" part than the "knowing" part.) So I recommend that you work to improve to get near-perfects on your math and writing. [80M 80W + 61CR = 221 already!] As far as CR goes, i would say that looking at the vocab is encouraged, but remember: NOTHING IS IMPORTANT AS USING THE VOCAB. simply memorizing them doesnt work. Use the vocab, wether it is in your sentences or with your friends. it helps A LOT. For critical READING, i con anly say that you should read literature and especially anything that interests you [as long as it is a "sophisticated" level]
Oh, as far as the "new tools," I highly recommend getting the blue book from CB. </p>

<p>Well, seems like i have been rambling on for a while now.
Good Luck with your studies :)</p>

<p>Forgot to mention that I have the blue book.
I know most of the writing rules, but I don't know how I ended up with a 52.
Reading score is consistent with my practice test score. Math was a little higher than the PSAT practice test, but I took an SAT one too and got a 730. Writing was in the 60s in the practice test. </p>

<p>Also I really don't want to exhaust my resources yet, since I'm still a freshman.</p>