Bookbag Thread

I need a new bookbag, so I was wondering what everyone had. Mostly, does anyone have a North Face and if so what style, color, and do you like it? Thanks!!!</p>

<p>LL Bean. Classic.</p>

<p>my daughter is using a north face day pack that I used to use. Made of iron.
A little faded but no tears rips or worn spots.</p>

<p>i currenty and have always used Jansports. i live and breathe by them and they last forever. although, i would not recommend the one's with the funky padding in the straps because those tear and the see through part of the plastic rips (only jansport that didn't serve me well. it's still in a perfectly good state of function, but padding's sticking out and it annoys me). </p>

<p>just about everyone at my school has the LL Beans and they seem to be extremely durable and hold a LOT. (jansports will too, just depends on which kind you get). </p>

<p>north face's seem to be extremely durable as well, although probably won't hold as much as some other ones (if size is important)</p>

<p>buy this one: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>A*t's the new fashion...soon everyone from thugs to jocks will be sporting it ;)</p>

<p>Yes Jansports!! Try the "Trinity" (I believe it's called) style. No bulky pads, nothing "futuristic," more than just 2 compartments, and will definitely last long.</p>

<p>Hahahahaha, cook_monster. I definitely need one of those. Do they come in purple?</p>

<p>Definitely L.L. Bean.</p>