Books as Qualified Expenses?

<p>I'm an independent student. Last year when I filed taxes I put the information directly from my 1098 onto my taxes. The 1098 just shows tuition and fees, no books. Based on that information I had about $200 counted as income, and I didn't get any tax credits. But now I am seeing that books count as qualified expenses. So, I have a couple of questions:</p>

<p>a) If I buy a book for $200 and sell it for $50, do I count the $150 as a qualified expense?</p>

<p>b) What if I sell the book after I have already filed my taxes. Do I have to amend my return?</p>

<p>c) Do you think it is worth it to do a correction on my 2008 return to include my books in the expenses?</p>