Books...Do I need all of them?

<p>I have my List of book that i need to buy but as everyone knows,they are all pretty expensive.
Do I really need to buy everything?</p>

<p>It really varies by class and professor. I normally don't buy books until after the first two days or so until I'm sure I need them. I suggest asking people who have taken your classes before how much they used the book.</p>

<p>I was wondering the same thing...on and a lot of the rental sites, you don't get the connect or access cards and cd's and all. How do you know if you need all that. Is it lame to email the professor and ask before class starts? Anyone have Osovitz for BSC1005 or Dummeldinger for QMB2100 recently and have books they want to sell? lol</p>

<p>I would definitely wait until after attending the first day of classes to gauge and see if you can do without or find alternatives such as sharing with other students in study groups. For me personally, I always buy books specific to my major (I'm a psych student) and I always keep them. Another good thing to note is to never get your books from the campus bookstore. Look for other places like Grays, Bookholders, or online sources like Amazon to get books cheaper. If you can, I also suggest renting textbooks instead.</p>

<p>it's good to e-mail your teachers and ask. This is going to be my first year and that's what I did...unfortunately for me, all the teachers that got back to me said that they were necessary (ughh)
you might also want to try found some used books wayy cheaper than the used books at the USF bookstore</p>