<p>I will be taking AP Statistics, AP Calc AB, APUSH, and AP Physics B next year. I will also be self-studying AP Psych. What are the best recommendations for books on these? Most of my teachers will be good so i'll need the book as review and possibly as a supplement to class to review for tests. Also is this schedule doable or should i add another AP? and which one?</p>

<p>Get The Princeton Review for all of them and you should be set. For Stat, I would recommend using Barron's, which is generally thought to be the best book. I would have to agree that Barron's will more than suffice for AP Stat, but I found that REA prepared me better than any other book. But other than that, PR is good for just about any AP.</p>

<p>AP Stats - Barrons
AP Calc AB - PR
APUSH - AMSCO/Crash Course
AP Physics B - PR
AP Psych - Barrons/Crash Course</p>