Books for SAT II: Chemistry and SAT II: U.S. History

<p>Hey, guys. Those who have prepped for the exam previously: what book recommendations do you have for the exam? Please provide specific comments on each book: strengths, weaknesses, etc. Also, add what you scored eventually on the exam and how much you improved from using the book(s).</p>


<p>for us history
kaplan for an in depth coverage (i sound like a news reporter) of all the topics tested on the sat II. also use princeton review for a good summary of the trends, and the book also has pretty realistic tests.</p>

<p>for chem
i also used princeton review and kaplan. i suggest getting princeton review if u dont have too much time to study, but otherwise do both kaplan and princeton review.</p>

<p>US History: Kaplan and PR
Chemistry: Kaplan.</p>

<p>Don't get barrons or sparknotes for either. PR for chemistry is way too general.</p>

<p>I recommend Barrons for the U.S. History. The organization of events under presidencies is great for memorization/retention purposes and it covers 95-99% of the material on the test. The practice tests are very difficult and good for review but not as predictors of how well you will actually score.<br>
For chemistry, I also recommend Kaplan and Princeton Review. I did PR in about 2 weeks, and I think it definitely helped bump up my score. U.S. History:790 Chemistry: unknown</p>

<p>Don't use the barron's for U.S. History. The organization didn't work for me at all, there were typos, mistakes, and a whole lot of vital information left out.</p>