Books/Novels to read??

<p>I just took the SAT in March, and wanted to improve my CR and Writing Skills. Ofcourse, memorizing vocab will help, but I want to improve me reading and grammatical skills.
After looking through threads, most cc'ers say its best to read books (classics) and magazines.
My second SAT will be in October, so I want to organize a list of books to read (I already have a magazine down, The Economist) </p>

<p>Can you guys just add books you have read in High School, or just books in general that will help for the SAT. </p>

<p>Some that came to my mind were:
- Great Gatsby (haven't read)
- To Kill a Mockingbird
- 1984
- Pride and Prejudice (not read)
- Jane Austin (not read)
- Moby Dick (not read)</p>

<p>I know there's a ton out there. Please help.
Btw I have a feeling a thread similar to this was created, but when I searched it I couldnt find anything.</p>

<p>Lord of the Flies
Adventures of HuckFinn
Scarlet Letter
The Illiad</p>

<p>Try some higher-level non-fiction. Most SAT passages are non-fiction, and non-fiction and fiction employ different rhetorical strategies, tones, etc. Whereas one seeks to convey information (non-fiction), the other seeks to advance character (fiction). You probably read a lot of fiction in English and whatever free-reading you do is probably fiction as well. A Briefer History of Time is interesting, complex non-fiction but there are many more, particularly in cosmology and psychology (that's just my opinion though). Good luck with your preparation.</p>

<p>Life of Pi - Yann Martel</p>

<p>Anyone suggest any cosmology novels or non-fiction novels.</p>

<p>The Ring of Mcallister.

<p>Both are excellent and action-filled books that will boost your vocab.</p>

<p>The Count of Monte Cristo is a great one
The Pearl - short read by Steinbeck</p>

<p>Can't think of any good non-fiction, but it's early in the morning for me</p>

<p>Great Expectations
The three musketeers</p>

<p>ah 1984 is excellent for the essay. Seriously almost every essay topic possible can be related to 1984. Animal farm is good. Great Gatsby. Of mice and men. really any of the classics.</p>

<p>Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte</p>

<p>A time to kill by John Grisham</p>


<p>The old man and the sea</p>

<p>-Romeo and Juliet
-Of Mice and Men
-For Whom the Bell Tolls
-The Sun Also Rises
-Tender is the Night
-My Name is Asher Lev
-The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
-Our Town
-Ethan Frome
-My Antonia
-Brave New World
-Animal Farm
-A Tale of Two Cities
-Pride and Prejudice
-Heart of Darkness
-The Road
-Sophie's World
-The Kite Runner
-A Thousand Splendid Suns
-The Metamorphosis
-One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
-Interpreter of Maladies
-A Separate Peace
-The Fountainhead</p>

<p>And then, after having read all of those,
-The Little Prince</p>

<p>Because then you will realize that reading all of those books was in vain, and all the happiness and knowledge you will ever need was in The Little Prince...
it won't help you much on critical reading, but who cares?</p>

<p>In any case, there's literally everything I can think of right now.</p>

<p>the 101 recommended books on think they are specifically recommended for SAT and ACT.</p>

<p>all the books i have read in school are from that list. my summer goal is to read at least 50 of the 101.</p>

<p>Some of the books above I really like, and some I really hate. I love Life of Pi. I don't know how good it is for the SAT, but it's a really good and fun book. I think you'll get more used to reading by reading newspapers and magazine articles (read the opinion columns that'll get your mind going) because they really do often show up on the test. I kind of like Amy Tan and Toni Morrison, even though they're both kind of depressing. I also like Babbitt by Sinclair Lewis and books by Thomas Hardy.</p>

<p>paki786: I think the 101 books are more for AP Lit than the SAT. You don't need to read any books to do well on the SAT, but the 101 books are great for AP Lit, and you need to have read some of the books for the AP Test.</p>

<p>I've been wanting to read books that are classics, but not the long-boring ones like Great Expectations (no offense.) Books like Grapes of Warth, Lord of the Flies, Moby Dick (lots of Vocab), Frankenstein are the ones i've been looking into. </p>

<p>How would these books be for reading (in order):
- Lord of the Flies
- Grapes of Wrath
- Frankenstein
- The Count of Monte Cristo
- Macbeth
- The Old Man and the Sea
- Babbitt
- Moby Dick </p>

<p>This over a duration of 5-6 months. Ill probaly add 2-3 more books to the list. I added Moby Dick to the end because i've heard it has a ton of vocab words, and is hard read.</p>

<p>I've never heard of the Little Prince, the Little Princess, yes, but the Little Prince???</p>

<p>Wuthering Heights?</p>

<p>The Little Prince: French novel Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exup</p>