Books used for Bio 1B and Chem 3a?

<p>^ title :)</p>

<p>its not posted on the bookstore website</p>

<p>Campbell Biology 8th ed I think. For Organic Chem, Vollhardt ed. Check back the week before school starts. Are you thinking of buying them online?</p>

<p>I didn't use my book at all for either of those classes. The Bio 1B professors say that the class is only lecture based and the book is supplemental. Same thing for Chem 3A with Pedersen, not sure about the other professors though.</p>

<p>vollhardt isn't really usefull for 3A</p>

<p>do we actually need vollhardt for 3a (as in he assigns problems from the book etc..) or can we just get by with another book that may/may not be better?</p>

<p>who is your teacher for 3a</p>

<p>looks like it's pedersen, so you don't really need a book.</p>