When are the book lists for classes usually available? D clicked on the bookstore link from her O-Zone account but it said that information was not available for any of her classes.

@3scoutsmom, kudos to you and your D for planning ahead! My DD has not even graduated from High School yet. :wink:

Sometimes they don’t get posted until very close to when classes start. The list will be there but individual professors may not have given the bookstore the information.

Just wait for the professor to give out the syllabus. Often the professor will approve older editions, say that because students will only read one chapter they should just get the book from the library, etc.

DD just forwarded me an email she got from one of her profs about text books. There’s very limited internet at the Girl Scout camp she’s working at this summer so she asked me to get the books.

This teacher has gone out of her way to keep the cost down! The two books aren’t very expensive in the first place about ($15 each used) but she listed a web sight where one book can be read on line for free (legally) and said that she asked the school library to purchase an e copy of the other book and will be putting the print copy on reserve in the library. Though I’m happy to pay $30 for D to have the convenience of print books, I’m impressed that the teacher is making an effort to give the students free options!

The prof went on to describe her class stating that most of the in-class time would be devoted to group work and discussion and that they’d be using one of the new “active learning” classrooms on campus. She wanted to give people a heads of on the format and mentioned that there’s a different section of the same class that is taught in traditional lecture format if student would rather that style.

Is there a way to look up the ISBN on the OU website? Some of the textbook websites recommend that you verify the ISBN and I want to make sure the correct title is selected. It’s probably user error on my part! :slight_smile:

I don’t see ISBN but they do list edition numbers.

@2016mililani You might have to figure out the ISBN number by working backwards. If you know the title, author and edition, you should be able to find the ISBN number online via Amazon listing or other sites. Also, I have found the picture of the book cover on the OU site to be helpful in making the match, too. :wink:

I looked at Ratcliffe’s website: You can find books by course name, number, & section number. ISBNs listed there, but not on Follett website. We ordered some of my daughter’s books at Ratcliffe’s since less expensive than OU bookstore (Follett). Because I read online reviews about Ratcliffe’s sometimes not having books in stock, I called them & ordered by phone. We also ordered books that were much less expensive online from Barnes & Noble and Amazon. I want to avoid Follett if possible. I called & was told not allowed to give ISBNs (corporate policy). Texas A&M bookstore is run by Barnes and Noble, which lists all ISBNs. Side note: Books with an online access code should be purchased new because code is for one-person use only. It’s a ripoff by publishers. My daughter’s psychology book w/ access code was $200+. She won’t be able to sell it back to the bookstore. It’s possible she could sell it to another student. But only if that student can purchase access code separately.