<p>are incoming freshman supposed to know what books they need to have for their classes b4 classes even start?? idk, i just been getting that feeling, because i was lookin at the week of welcome calendar, and each day there is a UCSB Bookstore fall rush, thingy. and also i see an ad for reserving books at a bookstore in I.V. </p>

<p>how could there be a bookstore rush when ppl havent even started classes yet??!!! how do they know what books to buy!!!!? this doesnt make sense to me. someone plz tell me im paranoid and nobody knows what books they need until the professor tells them...</p>

<p>i better not see a post tellin me i am the only one who hasnt reserved books.</p>

<p>The professors give a list of books for their classes to the campus bookstore before the quarter starts. The information is available on the UCSB website.</p>

<p>OMG. why wasnt i informed of this? u'd think during two freaking days of orientation and all that free time, they would have thought to tell us that. </p>

<p>i had no clue. i just thought we start class and then the prof jus tells us what books to get and we go and get them. and in the meantime i been telling my dad that there's no possible way i can know what books i need ahead of time. Jesus! i have some explaining to do.</p>

<p>oh. kluge, can u tell me where on the website that information would be? i visit the site frequently but i still wouldnt kno where to find info like that.</p>

<p>This should help</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Be sure you get them reserved soon. The deadline is Sept 18th. You can probably buy the books cheaper elsewhere online, but as a freshman, I suggest you do it the easy way and order them now. Then you can even have your parents help you lug them all back to your dorm for you!</p>

<p>okay. ill reserve for two of my classes. but im planning on dropping my third class and replacing it with a math class. therefore i wont be able to reserve for that class.</p>

<p>can i just walk into the bookstore and grab the books i need for that class later on? wats the big deal with reserving?</p>

<p>Only freshmen reserve books. There really is no need to. If you can, buy from alternative sources like other students, or amazon. The bookstore is a complete rip off. You can get by without a book for a week or two also... or a whole quarter if the professor doesn't really follow the book. </p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a> I've been able to find popular GE class books through this, and save tons of money in the process.</p>

<p>thx for the site. i need info like this for the future. the bookstore is obsurdly overpriced. too bad i couldnt find the books i need there. but at least i know of it now.</p>