<p>Hey, how do I find out what books are required for each of my classes? Thanks.</p>

<p>Who shall I contact for getting the book list? My orientation isn't until the 3rd week of August.</p>

<p>Here you go</p>

<p>The</a> Book Center: University of Pittsburgh</p>

<p>You can reserve them and pick them up after Move in - or there is a list with ISBN numbers and you can shop them. I shopped my son's and no significant savings elsewhere.</p>

<p>It is really convenient to just go pick up that box of books before the semester starts.</p>

<p>I usually order them through Amazon. For the upcoming semester: it cost approx. $250 from Amazon and $478 from the Pitt bookstore. You always get the best price before the book list is available. </p>

<p>We reserved at the Book store during the first semester. They did not have any of the textbooks available. All he had in the box was a lab manual -- he had to go back when the rest of the textbooks came in.</p>

<p>You can also try Got Used's database. The store is right on Forbes.</p>

<p>Welcome</a> | Got Used Bookstore</p>

<p>But how do I actually find what books I need to get?</p>

<p>Go to DonnaMom's link. Click the book list link. You can scroll down and look for your courses using the CRN (number used to indicate your class). If you want to shop elsewhere for books, write down the title, author and edition for the book. If the ISBN is listed on the list, that is even better for searching.</p>

<p>The Got Used Bookstore listed the books before Pitt's book store :)</p>

<p>Try this link: The</a> Book Center: University of Pittsburgh</p>

<p>The DonnaMom's link went to the book reservation form. Hit view list. It will be a PDF file with all the books listed.</p>

<p>What if none of my classes have their required textbooks listed? I don't like waiting until classes start to buy my books. Does the list update throughout August?</p>

<p>You tried the link above and none of your classes are on the list? You might call the bookstore or send an e-mail. The main store (above link) should know what is going on with your classes.</p>

<p>Only one of my classes is on that list. I must have picked a mysterious set of classes.</p>

<p>What kind of classes are they, iamjacksgoat? It's possible that they just don't have any required texts. Many small humanities courses can just run on photocopied handouts.</p>

<p>One is Research Methods (Psych), so that should have a textbook. The others are Serbo-Croatian 3 and the Slavic vampire class, plus my first year seminar. I assume ballet has no textbook. I'm not sure if those sort of classes have textbooks or not.</p>

<p>My daughter took a Russian lit class and it was a bunch of paperbacks; your Slavic vampire class could be that way too. It does sound as though you selected an interesting mix. My daughter did say that her Japanese 3 book doesn't come up either. Good luck with the search. I would call the bookstore; they are very nice. </p>

<p>FWIW--the GotUsed site had exactly 0 of the books I was looking for, but thank you for posting the link, LurkNess.</p>

<p>Okay, thanks everyone for the info! Maybe the class is like that; it would make more sense.</p>

<p>Just a heads up for you guys:: </p>

<p>My sister is teaching a class this fall and when we went to the bookstore to check out if the book was there for her class, it wasn't. I think Pitt's still waiting for most of the classes to fill up (and let the professors wait for their classes to fill) before the professors can lock in everything...This might be why the books' titles aren't appearing.</p>

<p>They should be up soon, though. </p>

<p>Good Luck guys!</p>

<p>Would it be a bad idea to wait until classes start to buy my books? I'm in engineering and pretty much every book I need is an enhanced version or custom or whatever, and basically impossible to find online. I was wondering if I should just wait and see if I actually need the custom versions/access codes for the class.. and the one class I'm most worried about doesn't have a professor even listed yet (Just "Staff") so I can't email and ask. Either way, will I actually need the book the first week of classes?</p>

<p>I'm buying my books early more so for better deals. And I don't have any custom or enhanced versions that I know of, so I can buy my books online. If you need your book the first week, the professor will probably send out an email. My history professor did this last week, so everyone would know the correct textbooks and have them in time for the first week of classes.</p>