<p>Hey everyone, I wanted to buy my books early so I could take them with my to Gainesville when I moved and I was going to buy them off amazon because that's definitely the cheapest place I've seen but I don't want to buy books for classes that may not need it so I was wondering if anyone had these classes and what books were necessary, thank you!</p>

<p>ANT 2410-SHIH
MAC 1105-LIU
SPN 1130-STAFF</p>

<p>FOS2001 doesn't need a book. They recommend one, but you wont use it.</p>

<p>Antro - probably depends on the teacher.</p>

<p>Spanish - you will need the book.</p>

<p>Thank you :D!</p>

<p>Are you majoring in anthro or just taking the class for diversity credit?</p>

<p>MAC1105 - check the syllabus </p>

<p>Course</a> Information</p>

<p>Yeah, I'm double majoring in history and anthro.</p>

<p>what have you used to search for the books you're looking for? amazon sometimes has the lowest prices, but not usually.</p>

<p>Amazon usually has the highest prices online. I've had success at (for normal editions) and (for international editions).</p>

<p>If you are going to rent Campus</a> Book Rentals has the best prices, better than I think and with Free Shipping, plus use this codes: "resolution2010", "couponss", or "resolvetosave$" to save $7. :D You can always check ebay and amazon which have excellent offers sometimes.</p>