booze q's .. who's gonna lose?

<p>i've heard its really hard to get liquor in ithaca... is this true? i like to have a bottle of wine and champagne at all times.</p>

<p>i dont even consider wine and champagne to be considered a liquor..</p>

<p>LOL 10char...</p>

<p>wine and champagne are not liquors...</p>

<p>I don't suggest using a fake ID to get liquor, because you'll most likely get it taken away</p>

<p>if you want to drink at the bars, some (Dino's) are more lenient than others</p>

<p>make a 21 year old friend</p>

<p>spanks do you know if dino's is going back to 18+ this semester at all?</p>

<p>the bars were so hard to get into the end of this year, in the fall they were so easy</p>

<p>frats have a constant flow of natty light</p>

<p> idea, probably not.</p>

<p>I've never had a problem getting in...I probably could tell you two big reasons why.</p>

<p>When do you get back cmb?</p>

<p>i dont consider wine and champagne liquors either... they are just readily available at liquor stores... thats why i generalized my question to involve liquors... but anyways... my frat friend says collegetown liquors confiscates ppls id's but ithaca stores typically dont... i dont own a fake but i was considering investing... but apparently it's not worth it..</p>

<p>you can use ****ty fake ID to get into some of the bars </p>

<p>I know someone who got his taken away at an Ithaca liquor store and had to go to court, so it's probably not worth it to try.</p>